The FLEX4V whole home water filtration system.  The first product being released in the FLEX Series product line.  A unique, modular system that can be scaled to meet the water needs of any environment.  An investment in a FLEX system is never lost.  As your family grows or your water filtration requirements change, your system grows and changes with you.  No need to replace a system; simply grow the FLEX system with an additional FLEX unit.  Adjust filtration needs by changing out filters to best meet your water needs.  A truly flexible, adaptable, scalable, configurable and dependable system.



QWS is launching a BETA release of the FLEX4V product to 1500 local households.  The BETA program allows us to introduce the product to market as well as capture key performance data and consumer feedback for continuous product improvement.


BETA units can be purchased at a discounted price through a BETA contract that allows QWS to stay involved with the consumer during the BETA period.


Enrollment in the BETA program is now open and QWS is actively reviewing BETA program requests. Do you know anyone who wants to participate?



You are a critical part of our team!

During your beta period, you will play an important role in helping us create the best possible product!


Photographs: The installation expert will collect before and after images to help us understand the many types of installation configurations.


Water Testing:  A testing expert will schedule up to three quick visits during your beta period to gather critical data on performance and water content.


Feedback:  Consumer feedback is our most valuable data! 

We appreciate your participation! 


Following your beta period, you are eligible for our referral incentive program which rewards you for spreading the word about our FLEX product.


You will be provided with a referral card that can be submitted to claim your reward for sending us a new client.

Become part of the FLEX Beta community today!


Contact our Sales Team for purchase and enrollment.


Our QWS Sales team is ready to assist you with any of your questions and provide you any support necessary.  If you are looking to obtain a FLEX unit for yourself, make a referral or simply want to know more about the product line, please feel free to contact our sales staff. 

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