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Better Water Means a Better Life

We use it every single day – for so many reasons. It’s so much a part of our everyday lives, that we often take it for granted – until its supply is interrupted or its quality is in question.


Along with the air we breathe, the food we eat and the people we love, water is an essential requirement to our lives and well-being.

The FLEX Modular Water Filtration System, designed and built in the USA by Qualified Water Systems (QWS), is a customizable and adaptable WHOLE HOUSE method of delivering safe water to your family. Our modular units, through the use of our specialized filter cartridges, are built to facilitate creating a system based on your home and area’s specific water conditions.


Find out exactly what is in your neighborhood water by visiting https: //www.ewg.org/tapwater/

QWS - Qualified Water Systems, is a member of Alligator Holdings LLC, a growing group of companies focused on bringing innovational products to market through advanced manufacturing processes.


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