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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Flex Advanced Water Filtration System?
The QWS Flex is a modular point of entry water treatment devise capable of filtering and treating all of the water used in your home.


What does point of entry mean?
Point of entry treatments systems process all water used in a home as opposed to point of use systems that may treat only one faucet or tap - potentially exposing consumers to untreated water.

One, two, three or four treatment cartridges - what is the difference?
Varying numbers of treatment filters provide home owners the opportunity for more FLEXible or redundant treatment systems. This flexibility can help to reduce the need for filter changes or expand the potential benefit of the system.

Which system is right for me?
The appropriate system for any installation will vary depending on consumer concerns, incoming water quality, water usage, and a variety of other site-specific factors. Our sales team has the knowledge and expertise to assist in crafting a home specific water treatment plan…
A Prescription for Healthier Water.

Can a QWS Flex Whole House System be installed in my home?
The Flex can be installed in any home or dwelling equipped with a metered water line or well. This includes single family homes and some condos, townhouses and apartments.

Where should the unit be installed?

Reference the installation manual for appropriate installation locations.  The unit should be installed at an accessible point on the main cold-water supply line to the home.  The Flex should always be installed after any well booster pumps, water softeners, or iron filters if they are present and should never be installed on the hot water supply line.

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