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The QWS FLEX Water Filtration System is engineered for optimized performance. Every component is designed to provide reliable, productive and efficient use. We choose materials based on their ability to perform and be sustainable. We work with supply partners that are as passionate about clean water and our environment as we are.

QWS products are built in the USA and are backed by our performance warranty.

QWS designers, engineers and technicians have decades of modern design development and manufacturing experience. Working with engineered resins, specialty alloys and advanced simulation programs, the QWS Team produces progressive systems built to perform – every day of the year. Because you depend on us, and we have no plans to let you down.

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FLEX build1 800x800.jpg
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Conventional reverse osmosis technology creates thousands of gallons of discharge over the course of the year, the FLEX System produces zero water waste.

QWS FLEX is a whole house system that is friendlier to our environment and saves your household money on water utility bills every year.


Find out exactly what is in your neighborhood water by visiting https: //

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