Whole Home Water Filtration System

MSRP:        $2499.00

Retail:         $1999.00

Sale Price: $1499.00

FLEX Introductory Price:


System Installation: $200.00

With Standard CPVC Kit


UV Unit

Inactivates bacteria and viruses (E coli, Salmonella, legionella) for safe drinking water. No chemicals added to water and no water chemistry changes, ensuring your water stays pure.  

Retail:         $305.00

FLEX Introductory Price:

$250.00 (Installed)


StreamLabs® uses patented ultrasonic technology with real-time alerts for the most advanced leak detection on the market. 

Monitor Retail:         $169.00

FLEX Community Price:

$165.00 (Installed)

Controller Retail:         $599.00

FLEX Introductory Price:

$450.00 (Installed)

Plumbing Kit - Standard CPVC

Convenient, all-in-one, QWS FLEX standard plumbing kit to create the perfect transition from the FLEX Unit to your home's plumbing service.


Other premium kits available in Copper, PEX, CPVC

FLEX Introductory Price:


SERVICE --  How can we help?

If for any reason you feel you require additional service during your beta period, please let us know.  We will discuss and evaluate your needs and provide you with the appropriate service expert. 


Service Contact Information: 

Customer Service: (844) 907-1220

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